Parrot Jumping Sumo

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  • 2 m/s
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Parrot Jumping Sumo Full Specifications


2 m/s




Lithium Polymer


0.40 lb
Black, Brown, Yellow, Black, Red, Black, White
5.63 in
5.91 in
4.33 in


90 min.

Parrot Jumping Sumo Online Reviews

The Jumping Sumo is one newest additions to Parrot's family of drones. Both the Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider (another drone the Jumping Sumo is being released with) have been dubbed MiniDrones - smaller, more affordable product line. But unlike the Rol...Read more

The “thumbsUp!” Retro Touch Speaker is described on the packaging as being a wireless one touch , bedside smartphone speaker that can double as a USB phone charger. I have to state right from the start that the appearance of the product in question, does ...Read more

Parrot, the company behind a number of flying drones, is now offering land-lovers something get excited about: the Jumping Sumo. Is this land-locked gadget with integrated camera enough to get us excited? Land not air Unlike the company's Rolling Spider...Read more

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