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Asus PG278QR vs Asus PG279Q

Asus PG278QR Monitor
Asus PG278QR
Asus PG279Q Monitor
Asus PG279Q
Available colors
Editiorial reviews
4.3 out of 5
8 user ratings
5 stars
37 %
4 stars
50 %
3 stars
12 %
2 stars
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1 stars
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4.4 out of 5
11 user ratings
5 stars
54 %
4 stars
45 %
3 stars
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2 stars
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User rating
4.4 out of 5
34 user ratings
5 stars
52 %
4 stars
35 %
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11 %
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4.2 out of 5
38 user ratings
5 stars
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Full Comparison


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Screen size27.0 in27.0 in
Brightness350.0 cd/m²350.0 cd/m²
Aspect ratio16:916:9


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Colour of productBlack
  • Black
  • Black,Red
Panel designFlatFlat
Built-in USB hubnoyes
Built-in cameranono
Screen surfaceMatteMatte
Built-in speakersnoyes


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Height adjustment4.72 in4.72 in
Height (min-max)433 - 553< 552
Height (without stand)14.29 in14.29 in
Height with stand21.77 in21.75 in
Depth (with stand)9.37 in9.37 in
Depth (without stand)2.6 in2.6 in
Width (with stand)24.41 in24.4 in
Weight (without stand)12.13 lb
Weight246.92 oz246.92 oz


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Analogue 3.5mm input10
Number of USB 2.0 port00
Number of USB 3.0 ports32
USB connectors (total)32
Component input (YPbPr/YCbCr)nono
Number of component inputs00
Composite inputnono
Number of composite inputs00
DVI Portnono
HDMI ports quantity21
Number of HDMI inputs11
HDMI version1.41.4
Headphone outputyesyes
S-video inputnono
Number of s-video inputs00
USB for videonono
VGA innono
Number of DisplayPort inputs11
Number of DisplayPort outputs00
DisplayPort version1.21.2
Type of DisplayPort connectorStandardStandard
Headphone outputs quantity

Image properties

Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Maximum resolution2560 x 1440 px2560 x 1440 px
Supported graphics resolutions2560x14402560x1440
Refresh rate165.0 Hz165.0 Hz
HD typeQuad HDWide Quad HD
Display number of colours16.78 million colours16.78 million colours
Colour depth (per channel)8.0 bit8.0 bit
Colour gamut (Adobe RGB)68.1 %100.0 %
Colour gamut (NTSC)72.0 %72.0 %
Dynamic contrast ratio20000000:1100000000:1
Contrast ratio1000:11000:1
Display technologyLEDLED
BacklightWLEDLED backlight
Panel typeTNIPS
Response time (GtG)1.0 ms4.0 ms
Response time1.0 ms4.0 ms
Picture-in-Picture (PIP)nono
Pixel size0.01 in0.01 in
Viewing angle (horizontal)170.0 °178.0 °
Viewing angle (vertical)160.0 °178.0 °
Image delay
< 1


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Ascendable and submersibleyesyes
Pivot functionyesyes
Memory card readernono
Cable lock slotyesyes
Flicker freeyesyes


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
3D support (3D-Ready)nono
Adaptive synchronizationyesyes
VESA mountyesyes
Type of VESA mount100x100mm100x100mm
Sync technologyNvidia G-syncNvidia G-sync
Can convert 2D to 3Dno
Compatible glasses


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q


Asus PG278QRAsus PG278QR
Asus PG279QAsus PG279Q
Energy efficiency classCB
Connecting 9V/12V/14VNoneNone
Operational power consumption< 90< 90
Power consumption (standby)0.5 W0.5 W
Power consumption (typical)90.0 W90.0 W

Pros & Cons

  • The buttons operate very simply and efficiently
  • the overall design and feature list
  • quick navigation tool to browse through menus with ease
  • The overall build of this monitor is quite modern
  • it feels solid and should be able to stand by itself
  • better audio power and quality
  • Affordable 17-inch
  • speed; elegance; and visual detail
  • robust and flexible stand
  • ASUS ROG offers a very well designed experience
  • nice and easy to use
  • fantastic image quality and strong HDR performance
  • in-depth reviews and helpful tips
  • perfectly smooth motion with no artifacts
  • Color accuracy is equally impressive since the Asus PG278QR
  • PG279Q looks better and has a more user-friendly interface
  • the experience was smooth and tear-free
  • excellent performance; reliability; and design
  • Advanced Warfare is a good example
  • this is a fantastic display
  • the experience is fantastic
  • nicely balanced and quite rich-looking overall
  • The fluidity was also very good
  • brightness adjustment range of the monitor was excellent
  • 2D viewing experience is just more natural and convenient
  • Performance on the black level test was quite good
  • Performance on the contrast gradients was very good
  • large areas of solid colours highlighting colour consistency weaknesses very nicely
  • clarity during the race modes was also excellent
  • frame rate and fixed refresh rate
  • excellent pixel responsiveness of the monitor and high refresh rate
  • it has more connectivity than the PG278Q
  • safe and much more comfortable for extended use
  • decent flexibility and premium-grade build quality
  • build quality and simplified designs
  • excellent performance in speed; accuracy; and responsiveness
  • excellent color and accuracy
  • ergonomics and user-friendly features
  • total immersion and excellent visuals
  • simple and pretty much automatic
  • The improvement is easy to notice with the naked eye
  • PG278Q performs surprisingly well in our color gamut measurements
  • quite easy to get 200+ FPS
  • it acquits itself quite nicely
  • PG278Q comes out looking pretty good
  • the monitor looks great and comes packed with some serious features
  • it comes to the end user fully assembled and ready to rock and roll
  • it worked quite flawlessly
  • faster Response Time and higher Refresh Rate
  • Color reproduction and Contrast are decent
  • outstanding design and innovative display technology
  • overall build quality is good and the stand is especially well-engineered
  • remarkably compact and will fit well in the living room
  • PG278Q comes pre-assembled to its stand which is great
  • The response is flawless
  • Screen uniformity was excellent
  • Superb colour and text crispness Build Quality Performance
  • It was very good at doing so
  • image quality IPS quality and fast refresh rate
  • the plastic panels feel reasonably solid and the movements of the stand are smooth and effortless
  • setup is pretty straightforward
  • The menu layout is also pretty easy to get to grips with
  • viewing angle of the monitor is great
  • definitely a note-worthy upgrade
  • Looker With The Performance
  • tough luck finding a better gaming laptop at
  • tough luck finding a better gaming laptop
  • tremendous performance and excellent graphics quality
  • perfect for competitive gamers and can easily compete with the best
  • excellent image quality and blur-free
  • PG279Q looks better and has a more user-friendly interface
  • in-depth reviews and helpful tips
  • fast IPS performance and better contrast to
  • impressive package wrapped in a nicely-styled chassis with a solid stand
  • beautifully smooth
  • 165Hz refresh rate is beautiful to work with
  • far better color reproduction and image quality
  • excellent color reproduction and a superb refresh rate
  • thin bezels make it a great display
  • Animations are smoother
  • The monitor is as functional as it is attractive
  • the feature worked brilliantly
  • Affordable 17-inch
  • ensures a vibrant color production and viewing angle which suits perfectly
  • s build quality is excellent too
  • image quality is pretty decent out of the box
  • input lag will cut down even further
  • vary inconsistent frame delivery and lots of tearing
  • G-Sync is not an entirely new technology
  • not sold on the 3D gaming aspect
  • Dead Pixels No dead pixels were found in the monitor
  • not a value option
  • the graphics seemed to blur when making a quick turn
  • motion blur significantly increases
  • quick turns were blurred by the 3D Vision setup
  • located at the sides of the display rather than at the back
  • Price Lists Tech Shows HWZ Coupons Follow Us Topics Smartphones
  • a GPU rarely renders frames at a fixed frame rate
  • cause of stutter; lag and tearing
  • only offers a single DisplayPort
  • Coupons Tech Shows Market Place Price Lists Smartphones
  • Aftershock stays ahead of the custom PC curve
  • frame drops are much less noticeable when utilizing G-SYNC
  • Low Input Lag
  • where a stutter tanks your frame rate
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  • The screen looks less vibrant than IPS or VA options
  • Input lag is limited to a little less than 4ms
  • no uneven gaps or sharp burrs
  • Dark Matter 42892 Review
  • pixel scaling in Windows
  • ultra-high pixel densities
  • TONOR Q9 USB Microphone Kit
  • Logitech Combo Touch
  • no squeaks or rattles as the screen is moved into various positions
  • very large jump both in GPU and CPU
  • where it fails with red lines down the middle
  • Not for building the best or the cheapest or whatever
  • displays that fell below a 60Hz refresh rate
  • No HDMI; VGA or DVI ports and without the often useless speakers
  • slight green cast and the bottom does go a little bit pink
  • the frame rate is constantly changing
  • requires a static refresh rate
  • Ultra HD 4K panels
  • unpleasant artifact that can rear its ugly head from time to time
  • screen-tearing and VSYNC stutters
  • it is a TN screen
  • subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles
  • the viewing angles from the bottom of the ROG Swift is rather poor
  • you are missing out on much of the experience
  • preset option was disappointingly low
  • The resolution is just too high for current graphics card to handle
  • Latest Podcasts Archive
  • your frame rate is going to vary
  • hard to get used to at first
  • Seagate Game Drive
  • NVIDIA not innovated G-SYNC
  • heavy variance in the framerate
  • the image becomes a fair bit dimmer with the glasses on
  • viewing angle affects perceived brightness at different points of the screen
  • only 3D Blu-ray disc
  • none of the objects actually popped out of the screen
  • backlight is strobing as are the lens shutters
  • hard drive reviews
  • PeripheralsKeyboards; Mice; Screens; Controllers
  • NVIDIAAll NVIDIA graphics cards
  • not have 3D emitters built into their innards
  • backlight bleeding and uniformity issues on IPS panels
  • IPS panels are prone to ghosting at times
  • can only be enabled when G-Sync is not enabled
  • the pins should not be connected should not be connected per VESA standards
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Enabled Yellow
  • There is no other video option available
  • NVIDIA G-Sync Enabled Green
  • mediocre color accuracy is less apparent
  • Exaggerated colors become tame
  • expensive; even for a 4K monitor
  • lack of contrast with its many dark scenes
  • a display often ships with settings that are not ideal
  • Expensive
  • only works with GeForce graphics cards
  • contrasts are sometimes reduced as a result
  • games will often only work on the primary monitor
  • rendered at 720p and has draw distance and texture resolution limitations
  • too will be the amount of tearing and stuttering
  • the TN panel was really hard to get used to
  • display inaccurately choose which frames to display
  • NVIDIA not released G-SYNC
  • No built-in speakers
  • huge spikes over only 30 seconds of gameplay
  • Valve today announced
  • TONOR Q9 USB Microphone Kit
  • Logitech Combo Touch
  • their bezels are touching
  • four Titan X graphics cards to power a 4K screen at
  • narrow viewing angles and weaker colour reproduction
  • colour and brightness bleed that big TN panels endure
  • IPS panels have a much wider viewing angle
  • subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles
  • anything sub 30 is just too small
  • IT is not more demanding than a 4k monitor in anyway
  • icons for the buttons that are hidden behind the display
  • Space
  • games built around consoles
  • menacing ROG logo glowing red
  • ASUS drop down to 1920x1080 at 165Hz
  • Hisense L5 Series
  • GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller
  • tucked away near the video inputs and difficult to use
  • Input options are a bit limited with the PG279Q
  • The gamma curve is too dark
  • G-Sync; stuttering and screen tearing
  • backlit logo is not so bright to be overly distracting
  • tinny speakers whose sound escapes through the vents
  • Dark Matter 42892 Review
  • input lag time
  • slight flicker that can appear in some bloating screens
  • hard drive reviews
  • PeripheralsKeyboards; Mice; Screens; Controllers
  • NVIDIAAll NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Actually accessing the ports is rather a pain
  • is some wicked 3-screen wallpaper BTW
  • to be lacking in input connectivity options
  • washed out colors at any angle
  • quite a pricey monitor
  • V-sync can somewhat eliminate screen tearing
  • 4K is overkill for a 27-inch display
  • Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue

Often compared with Asus PG278QR

Often compared with Asus PG279Q