Sennheiser CX Sport vs Teufel Move

Sennheiser CX Sport Słuchawki
Sennheiser CX Sport
0.51 in
0.51 in
Teufel Move Słuchawki
Teufel Move
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While I like different genres of games such as first person shooters, role-playing, platformers, racing, and more, I have recently been enjoying more multiplayer games. Whether it is the hot kitchen of Overcooked, the space traveling of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, or casual party games from Jackbox Games, they all are fun in their own regards. I purchased several collections of Jackbox packs and we were playing a game called Drawful 2. In essence, the idea of the game is to draw the cue you are given and get other people to guess what your cue is. Before doing so, the other players will make up their own titles to distract others from answering the right one. The winner is generally the one with the best drawing skills as well as someone who can trick others. When I last played, one of my friends got a line of "déjà vu". His drawing, while understandable when we saw the final answer, was not the easiest to interpret. He drew a person doing something at a certain time, followed by the same person doing the same action an hour later. While he may have "cheated" by writing numbers, his topic of déjà vu is one we get to see here today. When I was contacted by Sennheiser to look at their CX Sport, a flashback of seeing the CX 6.00BT in our hands played through my mind. However, Sennheiser has said there have been some changes to make this pair of headphones more geared for the athletic crowd. Have we been in this place before or is a different circumstance altogether? Let us read on to find out!Zobacz więcej
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Sennheiser CX SportSennheiser CX SportTeufel MoveTeufel Move
Wyjście dźwiękuStereofonicznyStereofoniczny
Technologia łącznościBezprzewodowyPrzewodowy
Zestaw słuchawkowy (zintegrowany / zamknięty mikrofon)


Sennheiser CX SportSennheiser CX SportTeufel MoveTeufel Move
28.0 Ω
16.0 Ω
Zakres częstotliwości17.0 Hz28.0 Hz
Technologia sterownikówDynamiczny
Całkowite zniekształcenia harmoniczne0.5 %


Sennheiser CX SportSennheiser CX SportTeufel MoveTeufel Move
Kolor produktuCzarno żółtyCzarny czerwony
Konstrukcja akustycznaZamknięte
Typ złączaPałąk na szyję
Materiał magnesu


Sennheiser CX SportSennheiser CX SportTeufel MoveTeufel Move
Waga15.07 g
10.0 g
13.0 mm
23.0 mm
13.0 mm