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SLR Magic 50mm T1.1 Cine

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Hong Kong-based SLR Magic has announced a 50mm F1.1 CINE lens for Sony E mount. Planned for early December 2015 availability, the FE lens will cover a full-frame sensor. Read moreRead more
Review of the SLRmagic Cine 35mm 1.2 for fullframe on the 42mp Sony A7rII. Find out more about bokeh, sharpness, resolution...Read more
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Key specs

  • Fixed
  • , 50 mm

SLR Magic 50mm T1.1 Cine - Full Specifications

Lens mountSony E
Aperture max1.1
Image properties
Focal length< 50

SLR Magic 50mm T1.1 Cine - Q&A

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SLR Magic 50mm T1.1 Cine SLR Magic - Editorial Reviews (2)

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