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Nespresso CitiZ

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DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz (Capsule / Coffee Pod Machine): 4.3 out of 5 stars from 309 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au.Read more
Table Of Contents_Why We Like It – Nespresso CitiZPerformanceDesignValueNespresso CitiZ Wrap Up Reader Rating0 Votes09.3Expert RatingIf coffee machines were cars, then the Nespresso CitiZ would be a Mini Cooper – compact, beautiful and still affordable . The espresso maker is classified as a mid-range model (see our suggestion for the best coffee maker) that relies on Nespresso’s capsule system. Like most espresso machines, this coffee maker works with all the 16 nespresso capsules where each capsule lets you make one […]Read more
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  • also sleek
  • simple
  • and reliable


  • The machine comes programmed to turn off after nine minutes
  • CitiZ will only provide the espresso
  • isn t a dedicated cleaning button or indicator

Key specs

  • Single Serve
  • 3.4 kg
  • 19 bar

Nespresso CitiZ - Pros & Cons

Nespresso CitiZ


  • also sleek
  • simple
  • and reliable
  • It s an elegant machine with a high-end feel
  • CitiZ is surprisingly easy to keep clean
  • compact
  • beautiful
  • and still affordable
  • s a beautifully understated appliance that can fit in any setting
  • the capsules are quite easy to insert and eject
  • The machine also has a decent used capsule capacity of up to 10 capsules


  • The machine comes programmed to turn off after nine minutes
  • CitiZ will only provide the espresso
  • isn t a dedicated cleaning button or indicator
  • It s not the most intuitive process
  • the water reservoir is hard to monitor
  • CitiZ is only compatible with capsules from Nespresso s Original Line
  • the exteriors need wiping down with a damp cloth
  • there is no independent power button
  • Automatic Shut-off The machine shuts off automatically after nine minutes
  • not be a make-or-break feature
  • The machine has only two buttons

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Nespresso CitiZ - Full Specifications

AutomationSingle Serve
Integrated cofee grinderno
Colour of product
  • Black
  • Red
Boiler materialStainless Steel
Steam wandno
Technical details
Max pressure19.0 bar
Coffee capsules/podsyes
Type of capsule/podNespresso
Machine classPump-driven
Height10.9 in
Width5.1 in
Depth14.6 in
Weight7.5 lb
Heating technologySingle-Boiler
Power1160.0 W

Nespresso CitiZ - Q&A

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