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Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior

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In today’s spotlight will be the Kaideng K70C Quadcopter a.ka. Sky Warrior. It has many cool features, including a remotely motorized gimbal.Read more
2016 is already being an amazing year for the drone community for both low-cost and high-cost products. I have personally been looking forward for one of the most waited releases in the affordable Toy Grade market: the Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior. KAIDENG K70C Sky Warrior Overlook: Flight Time: 10 minutes Camera: HD 2MP 720p resolution with wide angled lens Gimbal: Powered remote control motorized gimbal Camera Mount: Designed for GoPro style cameras (GoPro Hero4, Xiaomi Yi, SJCam, among others) Battery Type: 7.4V 2000mah Li-po battery Range: 150 to 200 meters Remote: 2.4GHz Frequency with 4 channels Gyro: 6 AxisRead more
Mini-Review Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Big Brushed Camera Quad (review) Mini Multirotor DronesRead more
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  • it so efficiently that even heavy sport cameras will fit perfectly
  • various useful and responsive flight movements and strong wind resistance
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Key specs

  • 4
  • 10 min.
  • 2 Mpx
  • Remote Control
  • no
  • no

Kai Deng - Video Reviews (2)

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Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Full Specifications

Max Flight Time10.0 min.
Camera Resolution2.0 Mpx
VR headset compatibleno
Live Viewyes
Video Resolution720p
Photography ModesSingle Shot
Live View Freq5.8 GHz
Number Of Rotors4
Weight20.42 oz
Body MaterialPlastic
Rotor MaterialPlastic
Colour of product
  • Black
  • Yellow
Width13.39 in
Depth13.39 in
Height6.3 in
Led Lightsyes
Primary use
  • Film & Photography
  • Recreation/Hobby
Control SystemRemote Control
Ready To Flyyes
Bind and flyno
Altitude Holdyes
Position Holdyes
Headless Modeno
Collision Avoidanceno
Return to home functionyes
Follow me functionno
Flight Planningno
Autonomous Flightno
Automatic Landingno
Frequency2.4 GHz
Battery TypeAA Batteries
Voltage6.0 V
Capacity1800.0 mAh
TypeLithium Polymer

Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Q&A

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Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior Kai Deng - Editorial Reviews (3)

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