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21 min.
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19 m/s

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Like a drone-obsessed Terminator, it seems DJI will not stop until everyone owns one of its flying cameras.We're certainly not complaining. The latest model to be sent on a mission to hunt down your expendable income is the Mavic Air – an exciting cross b...Read more

Bei der neuen DJI Mavic Air werden wir im Praxis-Test zunächst von den Abmessungen überrascht. Dank ausgeklügelter Falt-Mechanik ist der jüngste Zuwachs der DJI Familie deutlich kompakter als die Mavic Pro. Mit angelegten Rotor-Armen ist die Mavic Air so...Read more

DJI lanzó el Mavic Air, un dron que mejora su velocidad máxima, su altura y la distancia que puede alejarse de ti con respecto a otros equipos de la propia empresa y que en nuestras primeras impresiones se siente ligero y seguro en el aire, dos detalles q...Read more

DJI Mavic Air väger bara 430 gram och är därmed den minsta drönaren med 4K från DJI. Den har i stora drag samma specifikationer som den populära Mavic Pro som vi också tidigare har recenserat. Det nya är – förutom storleken – att Air har fått två sensorer...Read more

Det begynte med de større, og nå nær ikoniske, men akk akkurat for store Phantom -dronene.Så imponerte DJI med Mavic Pro, på mange måter en sammenleggbar Phantom som kunne feie de fleste konkurrentene av banen både på størrelse og funksjon.Deretter kom d...Read more

DJI's Mavic Air is a foldable drone that you can put in your pocket. It has a built-in camera capable of capturing 4K video at 30fps, HD video up to 120fps, 12-megapixel stills and 32MP spherical panoramas. It's a pretty neat package.In a few short years...Read more

Nou, daar gingen we dan; Maandag ochtend heel vroeg uit de veren om naar het ophaalpunt van Tweakers te rijden in Amsterdam. Daar aangekomen de andere Tweakers ontmoet en met z'n allen richting de eerste locatie gereden.Daar aangekomen stond ons een k...Read more

Intro14 en 15 mei was ik één van gelukkige die met Tweakers mee mocht om de DJI Mavic Air en de DJI Osmo Mobile 2 te gaan testen. Zelf vlieg ik al sinds de Phantom 1 drones en heb in het verleden ook een DJI Inspire 1 gehad.Ik ben een freelance camera...Read more

The DJI Mavic Air is the foldable drone that's so compact yet so powerful that it's ready to slip out of your jacket pocket and record your next adventure in 4K video. You don't have to choose one over the other in 2018.That's the futuristic-sounding idea...Read more

It's no secret that we're massive fans of the DJI Mavic Pro drone – it won Drone of the Year at the Trusted Reviews Awards 2017, after all. Now, DJI is ready to unleash its follow-up to the ‘most popular drone of all time', and I got the chance to test o...Read more

Like a drone-obsessed Terminator, it seems DJI absolutely will not stop until everyone owns one of its flying cameras.We're certainly not complaining. The latest model to be sent on a mission to hunt down your expendable income is the Mavic Air – an excit...Read more

DJI is pretty much the king of the skies already these days, when it comes to drones. Yet it keeps pressing onward - and upward - progressing with more and more impressive drones. That doesn't just mean new camera tricks but also condensed portability and...Read more

DJI is on a roll at the moment. GoPro tried to compete and failed, and it's hard to think of any other consumer drone manufacturer that's even a serious rival. So the launch of the Mavic Air reasserts the Chinese firm's dominance, but the sheer range of...Read more

In late January, DJI pulled the curtain back on yet another addition to its growing fleet of drones. The Mavic Air, as it's called, is a smaller, lighter, and smarter version of the company's widely-lauded Mavic Pro. On paper, the two drones look extreme...Read more

The DJI Mavic Air is an easy-to-fly drone that shoots great 4K video, packed into an impossibly small package.It's the latest -- and in many ways greatest -- consumer drone from DJI, the name that's effectively become for drones what Apple and Samsung are...Read more

In his first article and video for, Lukasz unboxes the latest drone from DJI, the Mavic Air, comparing it with other drones, and shares his first impressions and some footage from the beautiful Scottish coast.Let's ge...Read more

After releasing the Mavic Pro - a drone for consumers wanting something easy to carry around, with a boatload of features to boot - it was hard to see where DJI would go next. The answer is the even smaller and seemingly just as capable Mavic Air. The be...Read more

Drones like the new DJI Mavic Air are the Marmite of the tech world. On the one hand, they're a high-level demonstration of how amazing modern technology has become, combining miniaturisation with powerful processing and advancements in digital cameras in...Read more

When DJI releases a new drone it's a big deal. And the Mavic Air is no different. But it's not that big. The foldable drone is actually surprisingly small but it can still shoot incredible video and capture incredible stills like its big brothers.The Mavi...Read more

In the past couple years, you could ask a drone to be two things: good or small. But never both. The Mavic Air changes the game. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the Mavic Air wins the game, and things will never be the same.At just under one pound a...Read more

Today, the new DJI Mavic Air was announced to an absolutely astounded crowd. Designed to be put into a coat pocket and carried anywhere along with the remote, your phone, and all the other stuff you normally bring with you, the new DJI Mavic Air also brin...Read more

DJI's first real effort to sell drones to the masses wasn't as rousing a success as you'd expect from the company, which has dominated the marketplace in terms of quality and sales since consumer drones have become a thing. The Spark, released last year...Read more

At an event today, DJI unveiled its brand-new pocket-sized drone, the Mavic Air. Folding up to about the same footprint as a big smartphone, and costing $800, it promises to be a big hit for photographers and casual drone enthusiasts.But it also fits some...Read more

The DJI Mavic Air is a compact but capable drone pitched between the entry-level Spark and higher-end Mavic Pro. Announced in January 2018, it shares its design aesthetic with the Spark, but sports more advanced features and foldable legs for a smaller foo...Read more

The Mavic Air is a minor engineering marvel. The first time you set up DJI's new drone it's like trying to solve a puzzle box. You flip, you twist, you unfold.The metal joysticks are safely nestled inside the flip-out arms of the controller, the landing g...Read more

For a photographer or a videographer, the amount of gear they're able to bring on a shoot is often limited to what can fit in their bag. As a video director for The Verge, my large bag is loaded with multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, tripods, mounts...Read more

When DJI revealed the Mavic Pro in late 2016, it ended up being a turning point for the company. DJI was already the dominant name in consumer drones thanks to the Phantom series, but the Mavic Pro was cheaper, smaller and downright meaner-looking. The...Read more

The Mavic Air is the follow up to the wildly popular Mavic Pro — a drone that I claimed was the best I have ever flown. The Pro is still being sold however, so the Air can be considered a sibling rather than a complete replacement. It's also $200 cheaper...Read more

Thanks to DJI, we'll be taking a quick look at their latest consumer drone – the Mavic Air. This ultraportable drone is compact, light-weight, foldable and offers 4K recording at 30fps. In terms of placement, it sits somewhere between the slightly larger...Read more

DJI's Mavic Pro made waves for its portability: It was the first drone to have arms that folded against its body, making it supercompact. Since it launched, many others have fielded knockoffs with a similar design, but it looks like only DJI can knock the...Read more

We spent a lot of time flying the Mavic Air alongside the Spark and Mavic Pro to see how these three drones stack up against one another. The latter two drones can be used for many of the same applications and have plenty of overlapping features with the...Read more

The DJI Mavic Air has a feature-set that is sure to get your attention. From 4K video to obstacle avoidance and a small form factor for easy travel, you need to know more about the Mavic Air. DJI has continued their path of innovation with the Mavic Air...Read more

There's something to be said for a product so useful that when one of them flies away from you forever (RIP "MrSparky," my first DJI Spark )… you buy it again. And then when you fly another one into a tree on a private island and risk drowning and Lyme d...Read more

DJI has once again stepped into the spotlight with another powerful, yet portable, 4K drone that combines the video capabilities of its highly regarded Mavic Pro, with the smaller footprint of the consumer-focused DJI Spark. DJI has gone to great lengths...Read more

Since the first DJI Phantom was released in January of 2013, drones found a place in our industry. Turn on almost any television show airing on National Geographic and you will see some sort of drone videography at work. DJI and GoPro have revolutionized...Read more

Slowly but surely I've begun to set my sights higher when it comes to my photography. Literally. I got my first real taste of aerial photography/videography a few months ago when I used the DJI Mavic Pro drone for the first time. A whole new world opened...Read more

The DJI Mavic Air is a compact, foldable drone and is the smallest member of DJI's Mavic family of products. It offers high image quality in a travel-friendly size, as well as a solid obstacle avoidance system and powerful automated flight modes. It can s...Read more