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Borri B60 1500VABorri

B60 1500VA

Borri B60 1000VABorri

B60 1000VA

Borri B300X 1500VA Tower 2UBorri

B300X 1500VA Tower 2U

Borri Rotation 2000VA R/T 2UBorri

Rotation 2000VA R/T 2U

Borri B400 3000VABorri

B400 3000VA

Borri B500R 6kVABorri

B500R 6kVA

Borri B400 1000VABorri

B400 1000VA

Borri B300X 1500VA Rack 2UBorri

B300X 1500VA Rack 2U

Borri Rotation 1kVA R/T 60minsBorri

Rotation 1kVA R/T 60mins

Borri Rotation 1kVA R/T 85minsBorri

Rotation 1kVA R/T 85mins

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 9 minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 9 min

Borri B200 2kVABorri

B200 2kVA

Borri B60 1kVABorri

B60 1kVA

Borri Rotation 1kVA R/T 6 minsBorri

Rotation 1kVA R/T 6 mins

Borri Rotation 2kVA R/T 110minBorri

Rotation 2kVA R/T 110min

Borri Rotation 2kVA R/T 30minBorri

Rotation 2kVA R/T 30min

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 50minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 50min

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 5minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 5min

Borri Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 0minBorri

Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 0min

Borri RT 2kVABorri


Borri RT 3kVABorri


Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 20minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 20min

Borri B500R 10kVABorri

B500R 10kVA

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 10minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 10min

Borri Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 5minBorri

Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 5min

Borri Rotation 2kVA R/T 85minBorri

Rotation 2kVA R/T 85min

Borri Rotation 1kVA R/T 110minBorri

Rotation 1kVA R/T 110min

Borri B3X1000IBorri


Borri B200 3kVABorri

B200 3kVA

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 60minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 60min

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 0minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 0min

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 50minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 50min

Borri B500 6kVABorri

B500 6kVA

Borri B300X 3000VA Tower 2UBorri

B300X 3000VA Tower 2U

Borri B200 1kVABorri

B200 1kVA

Borri Rotation 2kVA R/T 6minBorri

Rotation 2kVA R/T 6min

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 70minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 70min

Borri B400 1kVABorri

B400 1kVA

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 15minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 15min

Borri Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 10minBorri

Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 10min

Borri B500 10kVABorri

B500 10kVA

Borri B3X2000IBorri


Borri B500 EVO-100 10000VABorri

B500 EVO-100 10000VA

Borri B400 2kVABorri

B400 2kVA

Borri B400 3kVABorri

B400 3kVA

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 5minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 5min

Borri Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 30minBorri

Rotation+ 6kVA R/T 30min

Borri B3X1500IBorri


Borri RT 1kVABorri


Borri B400 2000VABorri

B400 2000VA

Borri B60 2000VABorri

B60 2000VA

Borri B60 800VABorri

B60 800VA

Borri Rotation 1000VA R/T 2UBorri

Rotation 1000VA R/T 2U

Borri B300X 3000VA Rack 2UBorri

B300X 3000VA Rack 2U

Borri Rotation 1kVA R/T 45minsBorri

Rotation 1kVA R/T 45mins

Borri Rotation 2kVA R/T 15minBorri

Rotation 2kVA R/T 15min

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 25minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 25min

Borri Rotation 3kVA R/T 40minBorri

Rotation 3kVA R/T 40min

Borri Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 15minBorri

Rotation+ 10kVA R/T 15min

Borri B3X3000IBorri