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Bayangtoys X16 vs Syma X8 PRO

15.75 in
6.89 in
Bayangtoys X16 Drone
Bayangtoys X16
19.69 in
7.48 in
Syma X8 PRO Drone
Syma X8 PRO
Available colors
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Full Comparison


Bayangtoys X16Bayangtoys X16
Syma X8 PROSyma X8 PRO
Max Flight Time16.0 min.9.0 min.


Bayangtoys X16Bayangtoys X16
Syma X8 PROSyma X8 PRO
Return to home functionyesyes
Automatic Landingyesyes


Bayangtoys X16Bayangtoys X16
Syma X8 PROSyma X8 PRO
Battery TypeAA Batteries


Bayangtoys X16Bayangtoys X16
Syma X8 PROSyma X8 PRO
Number Of Rotors44
Colour of productWhiteWhite
Width15.75 in19.69 in
Depth11.61 in19.69 in
Height6.89 in7.48 in

Pros & Cons


          Often compared with Bayangtoys X16

          Often compared with Syma X8 PRO